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About us

D e f i n i t i o n C r a f t
is the immersive lab
of the Focus Farm.

Our core-skills :
brand imaging
image production

are now streamlined to accompany your next step into Virtual Reality.


We design virtual reality.

Virtual space ? Product launch ?
New experience ? Activation ?
New touchpoints ? Twins ?

DefinitionCraft may be your next move.

We produce immersive contents,
100% functional to 100% aspirational,
that bring your vision to the forefront,
in continuity with real-life experience
and in match with your brand signature.

Furthermore, we can craft your future VR...
to be smartly connected to existing online contents,
to dialogue with your database and CRM tools,
and be integrated in future 3D-development.


Brand imaging

'Brand-imaging' is the first step in our production process : both a radiographic image and a visual reference platform, that will help design your strategy-to-VR.

Production decisions derive from this platform and aim at maximising the feedback on your brand, your status and your VR purpose.

Image Design

If you come with a strong visual system, we secure its seamless transposition into VR. If you get started with VR, we can bring branding resources in the process.

Our signature ? Meet the highest quality standard and keep your options open, from VR to any future output : oversized prints, high quality corporate contents, video feeds or even 8 bits anime gifs.


There is an increasing number of platforms, offering generic solutions and visual environments. Probably the way to go if you do not capitalise on your brand and need it cheap.

We have chosen a different path.
We stand for your brand first, before your supply chain. This comes at a cost but we always make sure our solutions are both impactful and affordable.

Open source

We use proprietary and open-source tools. This means full flexibility with contents, design and functionalities, with a direct access to code.

The benefits ?
First, you fully control your image.
Second, you are free to connect to any platform, in total independence.
Last, there is no limitation to your concepts. Whatever you have in mind can be implemented and connected.

The sky is the limit.


See What You Get.

We believe the key is to think in terms of usage and functionalities and embed your operations in the core of your future contents. The ideal experience should both create valid interactions and fuel operations.
The following screencaptures are not limitative. We can
craft any script, use any interaction, link to any content.

trigger interaction

In your future environment, any object can be sketched out and invite for any kind of interaction. Get in touch.

Space access

Space access is smooth. It can be augmented and enhanced to better express your values and expand the experience. Get in touch.


You are more than a thumbnail and a price-tag. Like in real-life, we can help move the cursor towards global experience. Get in touch.


Your future VR can be set to document your complexity within a smooth and seamless experience. Get in touch.


Bring forward what really matters. In one place, you can bring together what makes you unique and offer relevant interactions, learnings and sharings. Get in touch.


We can expose your richness and diversity in one single environment, with high consistency and as many declinations as needed. Get in touch.


Your immersive contents can include any third party web layer, embedded videos or soundscapes, loaded or triggered by users. Get in touch.

all in one

Our contents can be used as textures for any 3-D extension. Get in touch.

What They Say About Us.

  • To make clients and agencies happy with the deliverables is priceless. This is what you get with The Focus Farm. They make time to listen, understand and digest your brief.
    Working with them is a fun and productive experience, and binds relationships well beyond business.
    Highly recommended !

    Author image
    Luthfi Hasan. CEO-founder @OneComm Indonesia.
    CEO-founder @Jakarta Vintage.
  • The Focus Farm helped us with our corporate branding and contributed to several product enhancements. We established strong fundamentals, through great team-work.
    A very valuable contribution, knowing we trade in a complex industrial context, which requires extreme accuracy and relevance.

    Author image
    Jack Choy. CEO-founder tekflo sensors.

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New territories are opening,
with new fields of experience.
A space for innovation and impact.
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